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Press Coverage & Announcements


If you are a journalist looking for labor stories, quotes, and/or geographic and topical labor coverage, or if you are interested in covering the Network's story, email us at and we will connect you with one of our members. 

  • Portside 2020.11.16 - Labor Podcasts  (link)

  • AFL-CIO Blog 2020.10.26 - Labor Radio Podcast Network Launches Interactive Network Map (link)

  • LRPN Press Release 2020.10.08 - Network Map (link)

  • LRPN Press Release 2020.08.26 - Labor Radio Podcast Network Expands to 60 members in 4 countries (link)

  • NW Labor Press 2020.08.19 - Spreading the union's inspiration by air and by internet (link)

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