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About the Labor Radio Podcast Network:
Working people are raising their voices more and more each day, demanding better treatment from their workplaces and their elected officials.

While labor columnists at daily newspapers have become a dying breed and union news has largely been sidelined within traditional print and televisual media, affordable and easy-to-use recording and editing technologies now allow workers, union members, leaders and activists to create their own alternative means of communication. These days, that often takes the form of either podcasts or radio shows (which often are also available via podcast).

73 million Americans, or 26% of the US population, listen to podcasts monthly, and 17%, or 48 million people, listen weekly. The podcast audience has consistently grown at a rate of 10 to 20% per year, a trend which seems likely to continue into at least the near future.

So plug in your headphones and find your new favorite labor radio show or podcast!

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